March 13, 2018: Day Two of Peak Flu

Tuesday. We were all still so sick today.  Both girls have fevers.  Liesl is around 101, and Luciana is nearly to 103.  Surprisingly, both of them are in good spirits and don’t seem to actually be feeling all that badly, just really tired and unable to do anything.  They have no energy and Liesl has a headache.  But overall, they aren’t showing the regular symptoms of the flu.

We worked on the girls’ room today.  We’ve been sick, but cannot avoid working on the house for forever.  So today we finally removed the closet doors in their room that I have been saying that we needed to just get rid of for quite some time.  They are awful, broken, and constantly get in the way making the room messier and the closet harder to use.  Dominica finally agreed and we took them down.

With the doors out of the way, we were able to move Liesl dresser, the one that we just brought down with us from New York last week, into that closet and get it set up with Liesl’s clothes.  Their room is looking so much better already.

Dad found this picture taken in the barn from 1979, one of the three baby raccoons that we kept in the barn after their mother had been killed on the road in front of the farm.  I would have been three years old, one of my earliest memories is those little raccoons.

Barn Raccoon, Circa 1979

I still remember the three little babies in their little nest in the straw at the front of the barn.  Their nest is still there, thirty nine years later.  I just happened to show the space to Dominica last week while we were in New York cleaning out the barn, too!

This evening we tried to watch The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrove with Luciana because she has been requesting it for days.  We got started and she was all excited for about ten minutes then she said that she remembered it from when she was little and did not like it and left to go do something on her own in her room.  But Liesl came in and was all excited because she loved that movie.  So she settled in for a second Liesl movie night, in a row.

Bed time came very early here today.  I was not able to go to bed super early myself, given that I slept for fifteen hours last night.  But I still got to bed early.  I was in terrible shape all day, as was Dominica.  But yesterday seems like it was the worst of it.  Today we are at least not any worse than we were.