March 14, 2018: On the Road to Improvement

Wednesday.  Starting to feel a little better today.  Still super sick, and maybe I’m just adjusting to sick as the new normal, but it feels like I am much more functional today.

Dominica must be a little better as well, as she attempted some cooking and cleaning today, with large bouts of resting in between, of course.

The kids are both happy and perky today.  They were running around and playing all day, quite a good change.  They managed to kick this flu very quickly.  Dominica and I definitely got the worst of it.

I ended up working a lot today, working until three in the morning.  I was just too tired to keep going at that point.

I did get an article written today, and I managed to get YouTube videos uploaded for my channel enough to keep it busy into next week.

The weather is nice, we opened the window again tonight.  Luciana continues to sleep in her own room, she really enjoys having her own room.  Liesl has been sleeping in our bed.