March 15, 2018: Big ML Day

Thursday.  Not really any flu improvement today.  But no worse.

The sun is out and it is a gorgeous day.  So nice that we were able to just open all of the windows and have fresh air, all day.  Dominica got up, showered, and went on a run to the grocery store first thing this morning.  The house has been pretty empty of food since we got back from traveling.

I spent the day in the office working.  It is so nice out, we are loving the fresh air and bright sun with the windows open.  Supposed to be nearly eight here today!

Found out today that Paul is moving down to Dallas on Sunday.  So we expect to see him on Sunday evening.  He’ll be moving in and looking for a job here in town.  So we have a roommate again.

Dominica and Paul spent much of the day scheming on the phone about ideas for retiling the girls’ bathroom.  Dominica also tried to do some cleaning today and got a bit done.  The house is still a mess from all of the stuff that we brought down from the storage unit in New York.  We were so sick when we arrived back here that it all got put by the front door, more or less, and left.

We got the second dresser put into the girls’ room, in the closet.  So Liesl and Luciana each have their own dressers now, and room for their clothes.

I was super busy all day working on MangoLassi which we believe hit its busiest day ever, at least as far as viewership goes.  One hundred and sixty four thousand full thread reads for the day!  All organic traffic, no spikes or special events driving traffic to the site for the day.

For dinner this evening, Dominica made backed cod, salt potatoes, and asparagus.  We watched a little Allo, Allo second season while we ate dinner.  That show amazes me because it feels like a BBC show that would have only run for one season, maybe six to eight episodes, been a funny joke and that would have been it.  But they actually made nine seasons of it and even though it always feels like a show from when I was a little kid, it was still running new until I was a junior in high school!  The show lasted twice as long as the war on which it was based.

I was working this evening and Luciana requested some family game time.  At first I was going to say that I was too busy for that, but then thought better of it and we all played Cruise Director together for an hour or two.

We got to bed at a good time, in bed by eleven.  I was tired and really looking forward to getting some sleep.  But my sciatica played up something terrible and I was not able to get to sleep until two in the morning after soaking in a hot bath and taking some Ibuprofen.