March 20, 2018: Bathroom Construction Day Two

Tuesday.  Paul was up hours before any of us.  Dominica got up probably around eight thirty or nine.  I managed to sleep in till nine thirty, which obviously I really needed some sleep, that was at least eleven hours for me!  I, of course, had Liesl snuggles which make it much easier to sleep for a long time as she does not allow you to move, at all.

It is cool and crisp outside today, but the sun is bright and gorgeous.  So we have a few windows open around the house.  Nice, fresh air here.

Before we got up, Paul went out to Mozart’s Bakery in Little Korea and picked up breakfast for us.  And he made the morning pot of coffee!

Paul and Dominica ran out and picked up the tiles for the bathroom today, along with other supplies.  We are really ready to get this going, now!  We are so excited about the new tiles, they look so cool.  We can’t wait to get them on the walls and see how they look.

While taking down the dry wall in the back, Paul discovered some insect nests inside of the walls.  We have no idea what they are, maybe ants, possibly some weird kind of wasps, but it is really creepy. It’s only nests and appears to not have had anything living in it for a long time, but it is still gross.

The big project today in the bathroom is getting the awful blue “denim” wallpaper down so that we can repaint the entire bathroom in something modern.

For lunch, Paul and Dominica ran out to Burger King and picked up fish sandwiches.

This afternoon, I finally got completely caught up on all of SGL for 2018!  I still have a tonne of 2017 to do, but getting this year up to date and keeping it up to date is going to make my life a whole lot easier.  Now I get to work my way back through 2017.  I’ve got a good half of the year to work through, I would guess.

I’ve made great progress on 2017 already, too.

The girls played some odd game today where they painted up a box that they were pretending was a box to put puppies in when they were up for adoption.  And the girls were pretending to be those puppies.

Pretend Puppy Adoption Box

This evening, Jeremy was hard at work setting up his Fedora 27 development environment now that he is moved into his new apartment up in Farmington.

We finally got the last of taking down of the old wall paper in the back bathroom at a quarter after six.  My hands really hurt after that.  But we are ready for the next step.

Dominica and Paul went out to Walmart to get some groceries and to pick up ready to bake pizzas that we could bake at home for dinner.

We appear to have stopped getting mail here at the house.  This is very odd.  Normally we would get mail every day, the bulk of it is just trash, of course, but it is a continuous stream of trash.  But now, our last mail came on Friday.  On Saturday our mailbox was one hundred percent letters for our neighbour, who already moved out, and nothing for us.  Extremely odd that we got a full mailbox of their mail, and none of our own.  Then yesterday and today, we’ve gotten nothing at all.  Very fishy that our neighbour’s mailbox is full and overflowing so mail cannot be delivered, that our last day of mail was for them, and now we’ve gone four days without a single letter when we’ve not had a day with zero mail in as long as I can remember.  Too much of a coincidence, I think.

At the end of work for today, our bathroom was pretty much demolished.  All of the wall paper was finally down.

Bathroom Day Two

The girls had so much energy today.  They did a really good job of playing together all day.  But by seven this evening, they were just maniacs.

While the pizza was cooking, around eight this evening, I managed to get SGL back dated all the way through December.  I’m now working on November’s updates to make sure that nothing was missed.

We watched one episode of Coupling, we had watched the first one last night.  Then Paul took a shower while Dominica and I watched an episode of  a British gardening show, and by around ten everyone was ready for bed.  It has been a really long day of a lot of work and we are all exhausted and ready to call it a day and be done with it.  There is a lot of work to be done tomorrow, of course, and we are anxious to get the bathroom underway.

Tomorrow the toilet comes out, no fun there.  Our goal is to have the shower completed and the toilet replaced before Paul leaves on Friday.  Then the rest of the bathroom will be tackled when he returns about half a week later.

Luciana was ready for bed when we turned in and didn’t even want us to read out book tonight.  So it was straight off to bed.  Which is not bad as we are all really tired and definitely ready for sleep anyway.