March 22, 2018: Clearing Out the Bathroom

Thursday. Today is Paul’s last day here until next week, he is driving back up to Missouri in the morning.

Early today it was discovered that we have a tiling issue in the bathroom and the floor tiles all have to come out now.  This isn’t as bad as it sounds, because we really wanted to put in new floor tiles, but were only going to keep the old ones because they were “not that bad” and it would save money.  But this means that we can get floor tiles that we love instead of just making due with what was there.  Honestly, I think it forced a better decision on us.  So Dominica and Paul went out tile shopping and found some awesome, low cost, slate style floor tiles that are going to look great.

To take out the existing tiles, though, it turned out that we needed a jack hammer. So they got to run out and rent one of those today.  Boy this is a big project.

The toilet came out today.  And then the vanity.  The bathroom is now totally empty.  No floor, no walls, no sink, no toilet, no nothing.  Now we get to start building it back from ground zero.

I’m pretty exhausted from having to lift everything.  I’m moving all the tiles, wall boards, bags of broken tiles, vanity, toilet, etc. out.  The toilet was especially tough to manage, that was much heavier than I had imagined and I had to carry it, wet, all the way from the very back of the house, out the front, and out to the street, by myself.

This afternoon I took the kids to the playground and they played for a few hours.  There were loads of kids out there today, maybe the busiest that I have ever been there for.  They had a great time playing with the kids.  Liesl is like a playground babysitter and watches over younger kids all of the time.  The weather was perfect for it.

This evening, Paul got the garage door fixed.  Then after dinner we went in the garage and carried out the old oven, which was quite a long way to go taking it from the back garage all of the way around to the front yard.  I’m super tired of carrying things, now.

The garage has so much more space now, though.  This is great.  We can finally get to actually cleaning it out.  There is all kinds of crap in there that isn’t ours but we have not been able to really get to to determine what it is.  Now we can clean out the empty boxes, move things around, organize, clean, and figure out the state of things.

I’m pretty excited to have access to the garage again.  Between the door between the house and the garage working again, the garage door itself working again, and having that giant oven out of the way, it’s a whole new space!  Now, of course, I have no excuse and need to get working on it.