March 25, 2018: Painting the Girls’ Room

Sunday. I woke up at nine and had to deal right away with a customer networking issue.    So right up and into the office straight away.  Dominica was up about the same time and went right into the girls’ room and started sanding in the hopes that we would be able to get around to putting on the primer today.

I worked for about an hour with the customer and got them back online.

The girls spent pretty much the entire day on Facetime with their cousins playing video games whether Roblox, Age of Empires 2, Castle Crashers, or who knows what.  Garrett woke them up calling them this morning and they all played online together until their cousins had to go to bed tonight!  So we saw very little of the kids all day.

We did a bit of work in the girls’ room today.  The patch jobs are done, and the walls are mostly primed, now.  More to do tomorrow, but it was several hours of work today and it is moving forward well.

We did some research and think that we are going to test out a TP-Link Kasa smart home lighting system in their room.  Luciana is scared of her current light bulb and we think that they will love having a colour controlled bedroom.

The girls can see how much lighter the room is looking with the primer already and are very excited about it.  What a difference it is going to make.  That dark, flat, chocolate colour was so awful.  It sucked all light out of the room and made that room feel so small.

After working on the girls’ room, we moved to working more on the bathroom.  Dominica is struggling to get the tub clean while I cut drywall to prepare for the tiles to go in.

We did a lot of design and planning today for our gardens.  We are slowly formulating a solid plan of what we think that we want to do long term.  I might start building a retaining wall in the back lawn sooner than later, we need to halt the erosion back there and start to raise the level of the lawn a little.  It slopes something horrible.

I did tonnes of looking into different garden designs today.  We are getting a better and better idea of what we want to do with it.  We did lots of looking into pod designs for the garden office.  We’ve even been out in the yard measuring where it would fit and I think that our vision for how it will all come together is getting pretty clear.

Dominica made fish sandwiches and corn casserole for dinner tonight.  We watched some house building shows during dinner and laughed at how ridiculously people burn their money in England while building houses.  The show we watched was definitely crazy people who didn’t know how to plan house building.

Luciana and I did some of her reading together this evening.  She is still reading her library book Stick and Stone which is part of this month’s reading on friendship.

I managed to do more catch up on SGL today and now August is mostly done.  Not almost done, but mostly.  I’m now totally caught up until our Missouri vacation around Dominica’s birthday.

We all stayed up pretty late tonight.  The girls started getting ready for bed at half past midnight.

We are on chapter seven of Dragons of Autumn Twilight tonight.  Both girls really like it, but they both struggle to follow the story as there are just so many characters to remember.

Tonight I hit my 6,000th post on SGL.