March 28, 2018: Paul Returns, Plumbing Starts

Wednesday.  Today we are scheduled to start the plumbing work on the guest bathroom.  And since Paul was unable to drive down yesterday due to the bad weather up in Oklahoma, he is heading down today.

So this morning it was just the Millers.  We did a lot of work around the house to get ready.

There was bathroom maintenance to do that Paul wanted done before he returned.  And I had a busy morning of normal work.

Paul stopped at Choctaw on his way south and won about $300 while having lunch, so he called it a day and got back on the road!  Jim arrived early in the afternoon and set right to working on the plumbing in the guest bathroom.

Paul arrived shortly after Jim which was perfect so that he could oversee the entire operation.

Liesl and Garrett played Age of Empires 2 this afternoon.  Liesl is getting decently good at that game.  We are so proud.

Plumbing of the new shower was fun today.  It went on most of the day.  And I was sent outside to do a test and when I turned on the house water to test for leaks it blew and water sprayed everywhere.

For dinner tonight, it was Walmart take home and bake pizzas.

Ciana in the Office

The girls are enjoying their temporary accommodations.  While their room is being painted, Liesl and Luciana are sleeping in my office on the air mattress.  They are enjoying themselves, it is a fun diversion for them.

Liesl wanted to read tonight but Luciana did not, so we took a break from what we have been reading and set to reading Alexander Lloyd’s The Book of Three, famous for being the beginning of The Black Cauldron.