March 29, 2018: The Day of Plumbing

Thursday.  Today is all day plumbing.  Jim was over around eight this morning and got right back into the plumbing work in the guest bathroom.  It’s a major undertaking to get right and there is a lot to be done.  So the water was off by the time that I was getting started this morning.  Luckily I managed to brush my teeth before it was shut off, but that was about it.

We had the water off for most of the day, until maybe one or two.  Jim worked on the plumbing until just after six this evening.  But then it was done and now it is time to begin work on the tiling!  Much to be done, but this is when the real progress happens.

Had a meeting this morning to keep me busy.

Today’s project was migrating our Zimbra email server from its old hosting in Paris on Vultr to our Los Angeles colocation facility with Colocation America on our high availability Scale HC3 cluster.