March 3, 2018: Digging Through the Storage Unit

Saturday. Now that the weather is not too bad, it is time to dig through the storage unit in the barn.  That is our job for today.  There is so much to go through!  We got enough out last time that we did this, though, that we can at least maneuver around in there and with each box that we get out the whole thing gets easier and easier.

We started the day going up to Geneseo to run errands and get “breakfast”.  It took till almost noon to get everyone awake, dressed and out of the house.

First stop was our bank in Geneseo.  That took almost an hour, but we were able to get the stuff done that we needed to do.  We should have done that a week ago, but whatever, it is done.  It has taken nearly a year to get to that.  After we were done there at one o’clock it was over to the tractor store for dad to grab something, then to Mae’s for lunch.

Dominica and I got Trash Plates, their garbage plates, which veggie burgers which were very good.  The girls got pancakes.  Dad got a cheeseburger.  It was a nice lunch.

While we were there we make plans with Tricia and Kathy to get dinner and drinks this evening out in Farmington at seven.

So from Geneseo we went back to the Ralstons’ for just a little bit to drop off some paperwork and pick up a few things like a new DECT Yealink office phone for me.  The really big item is a “new” Apple iPhone 6+ for Luciana.  She has been the only one without a phone now for almost two years and while has been patient to wait for one, she has also been very much looking forward to getting one.  So this is really great for her that there is an essentially never used, very new and modern iPhone for her to use right away.  She was so excited when she found out that we were getting it.  Now we all have them.  Our current compliment is an iPhone 7+ for me, Dominica has the iPhone 6, Liesl has the iPhone 5S, and Luciana has the iPhone 6+.  Liesl said that she preferred to stay with her smaller 5S instead of “upgrading” to the 6+ which is the same size as mine, which is huge.

After stopping at the Ralstons’ we went back to dad’s house and got straight to work down in the barn in the storage unit.  So much to do.  We are figuring out which things need to go with us back down to Texas in this load, and which things are being donated to the Leicester rummage sale that is happening soon, and what is going to be used at dad’s or kept in the storage unit for another season.

This is our first chance to really go box by box and evaluate what is down there.  It is a lot of work, nothing is clearly labeled and we don’t have very good memories of a lot of it.  We are finding all kinds of stuff.  Some good discoveries, some whole piles of things that should never have been stored at all.

We didn’t have nearly as long to work in the barn as we had expected today.  It was almost three when we got started and we needed to wrap up around five to be able to get ready to go meet Tricia and Kathy for drinks.  But we got a good start on it all.

We showered and I did a little posting and at six we got on the road to drive out to Farmington.  It’s just over an hour to get to the Finger Lakes Casino where we were meeting.  The girls are spending the evening with grandpa.  They will have a good time.

The drive was fine, the snow is not so bad today.  This was our first time going to the Finger Lakes Casino, not the kind of place that we would ever volunteer to go to on our own, not the kind of place that it would ever occur to us to even go to.  Such a strange venue, but it is just minutes from their house so very convenient for them.

The place is larger than I would have guessed and quite odd.  It’s just a bunch of simple video games with people who look like zombies mindlessly hitting buttons.  Looks horrendous when you walk inside.  Just bright lights and dazed people.

We went to the bar and restaurant called Remedy.  It was surprisingly busy, but there was a nice “booth” with great chairs in the back corner that was perfect.  Unfortunately a band, a good band but a loud one, played all evening starting right after we arrived so we had to shout over them to be able to hear each other.  An amazingly large number of people were out on the dance floor, though.  I couldn’t believe it.

The customer service was pretty awful.  Kathy and I went up to get drinks and the bartender actively ignored us and was pretty rude when we finally managed to order.  Took over half an hour to get simple drinks at a bar that was not all that busy.  I gave up on ordering food as there was no way to do that.

Eventually we figured out that other tables had servers, just not us.  None would come near us.  We worked really hard for two hours to get the server’s attention that was handling the tables next to ours but she wouldn’t acknowledge us for anything.  She worked so hard to never make full eye contact, it was like we were lepers.  Finally, after two hours of no service, I walked to a different area and asked a guy bussing tables if we were in some kind of “no service” section, he said someone should have helped us and helped us himself.  He was great and Dominica and I got fish fry garbage plates (yes, our second garbage plates for the day) and they were amazing, and only eleven dollars!  Overall the place was low cost and the quality was decent, but other than the one waiter who was so obliging, the overall customer service was ridiculously bad.

We had a great time hanging out with Kathy and Tricia and were heading home just after eleven.  We got back to dad’s after midnight and our Liesl was already asleep, as was dad, and Luciana was the only one awake.  She was in bed watching videos.  She talked to us for a little bit but was off to bed shortly after we got home.

I did maybe thirty minutes of work and got off to bed myself.  Tomorrow is an all storage unit day.  That is going to be exhausting.  Storage unit and packing the car, we have to be all ready to leave on Monday morning.