March 2, 2018: Our Big Snow

Friday. A nearly universal snow day for the north east.  The snow had come down hard last night and we have nearly eighteen inches on the ground today!  This is crazy.  We really made it “just in time” for the kids to get to enjoy the snow.  They were so excited to see it coming down last night and to get to play in it today.  This is one of their favourite things about New York.

Snow in New York

With the snow this bad, we are just hunkered in for the day.  The girls went outside and played for a while, a long while.  I’m in dad’s office set up and working.  Power and Internet stayed on here all day, no issues at all (after the little blip that we had last night.)

Dominica and dad made a brunch today for us.  This evening, dad ordered dinner from Papa Roni’s and I drove down to Pavilion to pick it up.

Tonight we all watched The Polka King starring Jack Black, on Netflix.  A weird movie and a weird story, to be sure, but it was well done and entertaining.