March 31, 2018: Removing the Drywall

Saturday.  Just Paul and I at the house today.  Paul was up at seven, I was up at seven thirty.  Got right into working on the bathroom renovations this morning.  We want as much done as possible while Dominica and the girls are away.

First thing this morning was ripping out the last of the old drywall.  Then it was time to start getting the greenboard sheetrock up.

It is a warm one today, eight degrees by the early afternoon.  Windows open so that we don’t have to run the air conditioning.

Guest Bathroom without Drywall

Tonight, Paul had me watch some John Pinette comedy stuff on Netflix.  He was right, that guy is awesome. So funny.

For dinner, Paul picked up Burger King take out while I was working.  Big Fish kind of night.