March 30, 2018: Dominica and the Girls Go to Houston

Friday.  This morning Dominica was up and packing first thing.  She wants to get right on the road down to Houston to avoid the worst of the traffic.  They are heading down for Easter.

Before she could leave, I had to run the Nissan to the corner and get the oil changed.  That only took ten minutes.

Dominica and the girls said their goodbyes at just past ten and she was on her way down to Web Chapel, over to 75 and off to Houston.  Her drive went fine and they had arrived by three.

Paul and I did a lot of work today, mostly paperwork rather than house renovations.  That is mostly being saved for tomorrow.

After a long day of work, we were worn out and decided to go out and get dinner in Garland at seven.  Then Jenn came out to hang out this evening, have not seen her in nearly a year.

We got back to the house around midnight.  Very tired.