March 8, 2018: Flying from Dallas to San Jose

Thursday. Had to be up at six this morning so that I could shower, get dressed, and get off to DFW Airport so that I could catch my morning flight out to California.  It’s not bad, only a four hour flight on American Airlines which is normally pretty comfortable.

We left the house at eight and ran into only a little traffic getting to the airport out at 114.  Dominica and the girls dropped me off and I got right through security nice and easy.  I checked my bag as the flight is completely full.

Security has changed at DFW and they are using a “single giant bin” approach instead of the “string of bins too small for anything.”  It seemed to work pretty well.

Flight left on time.  It is a four hour flight from Dallas to San Jose.  On the flight they played Justice League, I tried not to watch it, but it was on shared screens.  Certainly the worst movie I’ve been subjected to in as long as I can remember.  That was a train wreck.  How can cinema have gotten this bad?

I read a bit of Nexos magazine on the flight.  I am amazed by how much Spanish I am able to read, now.

It was about eleven thirty when I arrived in San Jose, local Pacific time.  Two hours time different from Texas.  Max picked me up at the airport and took me to the Embassy Suites so that I could get checked in.  Then I had about an hour to unpack and relax before we met again in the lobby.  We drove up to San Francisco to pick up Anton who was arriving from Seattle.

After getting Anton, it was time for coffee from Pete’s, and then off to find some lunch.  We went to a local steakhouse and had some amazing wine, and I had Chilean seabass, and chipotle cheddar mac and cheese.  It was all excellent.

After dinner, back to the hotel for an hour and a half of prepping for the presentation tomorrow.  Once that was done, off to bed.  Probably by around ten. We have to be up very early tomorrow morning.