March 7, 2018: Our One Day in Texas

Wednesday.  Our one day at home between traveling.  Just arrived by car from Missouri last night, and tomorrow morning I leave for California.  This is it, the one day at home in a month.

The girls have their homeschool book club event at the Carrollton Public Library today, that was the big thing that we wanted to be sure that we made it back for.  That was about one that they went there.  They had a good time and got new books for next month.  Liesl is reading “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White, now.

After book club they were invited to go to the playground with some friends, which they did for a while and had a really nice time.  This homeschool club is great for them.

After the playground, the girls set up in the living room with one of those “dig for dinosaur bones” kits.  They went through the entire thing this afternoon.

Got all packed up this evening and went to bed as early as I could muster.  Long day of traveling tomorrow.