April 18, 2018: The Day of Realization

Wednesday.  Today was a very, very hard day.  Today is the day that we truly figured out what has been going on for the last three or more years.  Today we know the truth.  No one can really believe it.  It’s such a shock.  We’ve been living in denial, but there is no denying things any more.  It was a truly horrible day.  Nothing that I can share here, but certainly one of the most emotionally devastating days of my life.

Around six we poured some whiskies.  The day was just too hard to handle.  Everyone is super upset and trying to internalize what we now know and figure out what we have to do with this information.

Tonight we started watching Harry Potter & the Sorceror’s Stone with Paul who, long ago, saw this one movie but has never read or seen any of the rest of the Harry Potter books or films.  So the girls are very excited to have Paul join us to marathon the movies, again.