April 19, 2018: Day of Decisions

Thursday. A tough day after finding things out yesterday. Today is our day of decisions. So much to figure out. It is just awful. So much stress, so depressing. I really wish that it was something that we could discuss, that I could write about. It is extra unfair that something so terrible has been discovered and I am not really able to even write about it in my journal. Journalling here is really one of my best outlets for expression and emotional release. Putting things down here is a means of not having to hold on to things mentally as much. And when I need it badly, I can’t really use it.

This morning, the new shower base was being delivered to the local store. We are hoping to have our shower installed in about a week.

Ciana and Clara were playing Roblox today while on FaceTime and something happened that Luciana had had enough of playing with her cousin today and I overhead her make the statement “this is the point where we part ways.” Her speech patterns are so completely from me. It’s hilarious. My dad probably has stories of me speaking that way when I was young. Nothing like a six year old talking like she lived in Victorian England.

I had to do “real” work today, too. Lots of Windows 10 and Yealink phone patching.

Today Dominica had an entire bottle of laundry detergent fall while she was doing laundry and spill all over the carpetting in the hallway. So that carpet is completely destroyed now. Not the end o fht eworld, we really want to replace all of the carpets anyway and we want to make that hallway into simulated wood flooring eventually, anyway. But for the meantime, this is going to be a mess for a long time to come.

Tonight we watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with Paul as we begin to work on our HP marathon.