April 20, 2018: Day of Action

Friday. Today was a really bad day. Today we had to finally take decisive action based on what we had determined on Wednesday evening. Today is certainly a day that I cannot imagine ever forgetting. One of the singularly most traumatic in my life.

I was not able to really be online at all today. When Paul and Dominica had “the call” to deal with the situation this week, I was there for the first few minutes, enough to know what action we took, and enough to know that it was clear all around that everyone knew this was coming and no one was surprised, but it was all so horrible and emotionally devastating that I had to leave the room while the completed the call. This is going to stick with me for a really long time.

This pretty much consumed us for the day. And this is really the cause of why this was the “year without regular SGL updates”. So much that needed to be said, and so little ability to say it.