April 3, 2018: Sick Ciana


Paul made all out nachos this afternoon.  That was our dinner, it was quite good.  Very different from what we normally do.

All Out Nachos

Luciana fell asleep this afternoon and slept most of it on the sofa in our bedroom.  She is really not feeling well.

This evening, Luciana was in a huge amount of pain for being so constipated.  It has been a long time since she has been this bad.  She’s making taking medicine for a few days, but it really is not having very much of a positive effect for her.

It was quite late when we all knocked off from working.  Around nine Luciana moved into my office to watch shows on her iPad and Dominica, Paul, and I watched the beginning of season three of Coupling.  I made cable cars tonight, as there were some lemons in the fridge that I had not known about.

I ended up being up with Luciana until one or two in the morning.  She tried taking a warm bath and everything.  Just nothing would work.  She finally needed to resort to more drastic medication well after midnight.  Then Dominica was able to go to bed and I stayed up with Luciana.

So we skipped our book reading tonight as it was so late when everyone was able to get into bed.  Liesl was pretty disappointed.