May 2, 2018: Prepping for Atlanta

Tuesday. Started today with a conference call at nine in the morning. It was a very call heavy day. I was on the phone almost continuously until one thirty in the afternoon!

We needed a new scanner with all of the paperwork flowing through this office now. All of the company scanners are up in New York and we won’t have them down here for quite a while. So Paul and Dominica ran out and picked up a cheap Canon scanner and I got it hooked up for them.

Paul and I are doing a surprise trip out to Atlanta tomorrow to see a client’s retirement party. So we were packing today and planning for it. We are driving out, not flying. It is a very last minute thing that we just learned about this morning.

I stayed up working until very late trying to make sure that everything is ready for Paul and me to be out of the office for the next several days.