May 3, 2018: Driving to Atlanta

Paul and I rented a Nissan Rogue and drove from Dallas to Atlanta today. We have a retirement party to attend tomorrow night and are going to spend tomorrow morning in the office as much as possible so that Paul can get the lay of the land. It is a great opportunity to meet everyone in person for him and for me to see them again as it has been a few months since I was last here.

The drive from Dallas to Atlanta is not short. It was evening as we came through Birmingham, Alabama. We were there around time for dinner, we managed to hook up with Kris Leslie that I’ve not seen in several years and we went to a local Birmingham seafood place for dinner.

Scott, Kris, Paul at Dinner

Dinner was quite good. I got the shrimp basket, which was coconut shrimp. We did not have very much time, though. We had to be on the road to get to Atlanta before it was too late.

We arrived in Norcross at midnight. Staying at the Hilton Norcross. The hotel that we used in February was not available and the party tomorrow is in this hotel so this is just too convenient.

I wasn’t too tired and there was stuff to do. So I stayed up for a few hours catching up on work after spending the entire day in the car. I did not turn in until three thirty in the morning.