May 4, 2018: Georgia

This morning, Paul and I are in Norcross, Georgia where we will be working for the day and going to a party tonight.

We went into the office around nine thirty this morning. We didn’t want to get in before everyone else was there, which often seems to happen. We spent much of the morning doing introductions for Paul. We were not scheduled to be in so there was not a lot of specific work awaiting us.

For lunch today, James treated us to delivery Thai in the office.

We knocked off early so that we could go to the hotel and freshen up.

This evening was the party in the hotel for several hours. We had a good time and I managed to introduce Paul to a lot of people. It was a fun party.

After the party, a group of us went out to a bar and pool hall and hung out for several more hours. It wasn’t a super late night, but definitely a long day. We had a good time and the whole trip was quite productive.