July 2, 2018: Meeting in Pennsylvania

Monday. I started the day off at the DoubleTree in Youngstown, Ohio. I got up early, loaded up the car, and went looking for a Taco Bell for breakfast. I had to drive around time a little while looking for the Taco Bell. I got to see a staggering amount of abandonment. What a deserted town. It is crazy. It felt like I was in an episode of The Walking Dead. Everything seemed to be dead and empty.

As I drove out of the city to head over to Pennsylvania, it continued. Mile after mile of zero life. No people, no movement, no sign of upkeep. Every house looked like people had just left it there. Some boarded up, some just not kept up. It was really something to see.

My drive over to my meeting in Pennsylvania did not take very long. My meeting lasted several hours. I got a tour of the derelict industrial area of the Pennsylvania border lands. I got to see several towns, and tour a gas station and mini-marked operation.

After my meeting, I drove from the meeting up to dad’s house in New York. Tonight was the only real time that dad and I have to hang out for a bit. Tomorrow I am on the road to work yet again. Then the day after that I have the family reunion for Dominica’s mother’s family down in Waverly.

So I arrived early evening at dad’s and we just spent the evening hanging out.