July 20, 2018: The Newcombs Head Out, the Misting Fan

Friday.  Originally the plan was that the Newcombs were going to be staying today and not heading back up to Missouri until tomorrow morning or maybe afternoon.  But they were feeling tired and decided that they wanted to get on the road and get their driving over and done with.  It is a good ten to twelve hours of driving and they were already several hours south down in Houston just yesterday and few people are the long haul driver that I have become over the years.

The Chris, Amanda, and the kids hung out all morning.  We had breakfast and chilled in the atrium. But by early afternoon they had decided to get back on the road and head north to avoid hitting Dallas afternoon traffic that would also be heading in that direction.

So the afternoon was spent with me working hard to catch up having not had much chance to work yesterday or this morning.  A lot to do before the weekend.

So our Friday that we thought was going to be very busy ended up being pretty relaxed.

Paul has been threatening for a while to get a misting fan and today he ran out and bought one.  It is a floor standing unit that oscillates and sprays a considerable amount of water while doing so.  We got it set up this afternoon and moved out into the atrium to enjoy it.

It is amazing how a misting fan changes everything.  It has been over a hundred degrees most days and being outside is just awful.  With the misting fan, even 105F doesn’t feel too bad, if you also have some shade.  It really moves the air and the cool water makes all of the difference.  This is going to be amazing.  Out atrium is going to get a lot of use now!