July 9, 2018: Third Driving Day

Monday. This morning we got up and left Little Rock, Arkansas to drive the show way back to Dallas.  Francesca and the Grices were up a bit before us, packed, and left all before we even got up.  They have hours farther to drive, so we will end up beating them home, anyway.  We took our time enjoying are nice hotel since we are here.  The beds were really comfy.

I had been planning to start my new diet tomorrow, but I was not inclined to snack on the drive today and figured that it would be better to start today than to put off till tomorrow, so I started my new low cal and very low carb diet today.  The plan is to be in the Balkans in April and I want to be a bit more svelte by that time.

Because we were not so far away, we were able to get home at a not unreasonable time.  So I ended up going into the office and working all evening to begin the process of catching up, at least a little.  Since today is a workday.  I worked until dinner was done.