August 10, 2018: Heading to Houston to Meet Reagan

Friday.  Normal work this morning.  Up early, as I am basically every day.  This afternoon I did some planning for my much needed trip down to the new office in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.  I had been hoping that I would have been able to have figured out how to go down in November or December, because the sooner that I go, the more the training will benefit the office down there.  But looking at my windows of opportunity, and when flights are affordable, there really is no time before the new year when I can make it happen.  My schedule is just too tight for it.

So it is currently looking like I will be heading down in January and hopefully spending a bit of the month there.  We will see just how much as we get closer to the date.  I am super hopeful that I will get a little free time and be able to spend some time in the region.  I would love to do a road trip through Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador while I am so close and do not have the kids with me.

This evening, after work, we drove down to Houston so that we can there tomorrow to meet baby Reagan, and to celebrate Colton’s birthday.  And, to drop off Liesl and Luciana who are going to be spending the entire week down there with their cousins and grandparents.  We will be getting them back next Sunday or Monday.  We will be just down for the weekend, returning on Sunday afternoon back up to Dallas.