August 25, 2018: Finally Trying Andromeda

Rachel hung out for a while this morning.  We were all pretty tired from last night.  So a slow morning getting started.

Paul had more energy than the rest of us, so he got up and made pancakes for everyone for breakfast.  All kinds of pancakes.  Plain, chocolate chip, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry.  Of course, none for me.  More than a month without bread, not losing my diet over pancakes.

Origin has had Mass Effect: Andromeda on sale finally after a year of me wanting it, and as it appears that no additional online content is going to be added to the game, it seems like this is finally the time to buy it.  Only ten dollars for something I’ve been waiting a year since its release and years since finishing the previous installment in the series, Mass Effect 3.

I bought Andromeda and it ended up taking basically the entire day to get downloaded and installed.  At least six hours.

I did some work this afternoon, but by later evening Andromeda was installed and so I managed to play that for a few hours.  I got through the intro and managed to get into the real game.  Looking forward to really getting into the story.  I’m amazed that the old gaming laptop is able to play it so well, but it does have the graphics turned way down and is only rendering a 720p game, which I am watching on the big 4K display.  It really shows how nice it would be to have a new machine that can really push well rendered 4K games.  Someday…