September 24, 2018: King’s Quest

Monday.  I had to be up quite early this morning, around six, to “man the phones” as I was the morning coverage today.  So very little sleep for me.  I’ve been pretty busy.

Dominica and Paul went out grocery shopping this morning.  It’s so great that they are able to do that and I do not need to be involved.  I hate grocery shopping normally.  Too stressful and I don’t know where anything is.

Dominica and Paul say that they are starting new diets this morning.  We will see how long that lasts.  They were going to “walk every day”, too.  But that lasted only one day.

For lunch today, I had broccoli in a cheese sauce that I could steam in a bag.

I worked all day, it was rather busy.  I did NextCloud updates this evening, on 14.0.1 now.

Liesl and I started playing King’s Quest (2015), the recent remake of the famous early 1980s series.  I have to say, they did quite an amazing job of revamping the classic series. Both Liesl and I really enjoyed it.  The graphics are great, the voice acting is great, the story is silly and well done.  It does a great job of starting over, without actually starting over.  King Graham telling the story to his granddaughter is a really interesting twist and a lot of fun.  Liesl loved it.

Like most of my day, my entire evening has been spent on the phone.  I worked till well after midnight.  We are dealing with interviews and such.  Just so busy.