September 4, 2018: Taco Tuesday

Tuesday.  The first day of work this week, sort of.  I worked all day yesterday.

This morning, Paul had to go into the hospital for a procedure, so Dominica was his ride.  They had to leave very early in the morning.  I got to sleep in and work, instead.

So the kids basically got the day off from school.  Dominica had a lot of web design work to do once she was back from the long morning at the doctor’s, so she was focused on that, mostly.

It was a decently busy work day for me.  Loads of dealing with the minutia of desktop maintenance.  I did so much work on Sunday and Monday, though, that today was not all that bad.  Lots to do, but thankfully with Rodrigo, I do get breaks now.

This evening I got to watch a few episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  It’s getting really good.

I declared that it was Taco Tuesday, and Paul and Dominica ran out to get Fuzzy’s Tacos for the family.  I had my regular, enormous fish tempura burrito with cheese sauce.  So good.  Liesl decided to try the fish tempura tacos and loved them, she ate two, along with loads of rice.  Luciana declined tacos, but did eat left over pizza.

A successful Taco Tuesday at the Miller household.

The weather has broken and is relatively cool, now.  Summer is waning.  We were able to sit out for a long time in the atrium this evening, needing no fan or mister to stay comfortable.

The girls are super excited about tomorrow.  They have their homeschool book club at the Carrollton library in the afternoon.  They have both been looking forward to that for a while.  They love the book club, and doing activities with the other kids.  It’s totally their kind of thing.