October 17, 2018: Exploring Oregon a Little

Wednesday.  My second full day in Oregon.  I got a good rest last night and was up around seven this morning.  Another gorgeous Pacific Northwest day.  Bright sun, warm air, crisp and clean.  It was so nice.

I took some time and caught up on MangoLassi posting at my desk for about an hour and a half. Loads of activity this morning, so good that I was awake and able to participate.  It is weird being on Pacific time, as so many people have been awake and posting for so long already.

We have been getting really good interesting in MangoCon.  We are hoping for nearly double the kind of attendance that we have had in past years.

I got ready for work and left at eight thirty.  I managed to drive from the Best Western in Woodburn, all the way to the office in Mt. Angel this morning without needing to look at a map or directions even once!

We put in another full day in the office.  All work, even through lunch.  Which we had at a little local diner not far from the office.  I had an in house made veggie burger that was pretty good.

We worked in the office until nearly six in the evening.  Then I had to jump in the rental car and zip north twenty minutes to meet up with TJ at an Oregonian staple for dinner and drinks.

TJ beat me there by a bit.  We had a flight of whiskey and of local beers and ate dinner sitting outside on the patio.

We had a nice time and hung out for a few hours.  I had a goat cheese for dinner, which was delicious.

We left around nine, I had to get back to the hotel to get some sleep.  So I drove home and was in bed around ten.  If I am lucky and manage to fall asleep quickly, I might just pull off four hours of sleep, maybe.  Going to be tough.  I packed up what little that I could so that I would be ready to go in the morning as quickly as possible.  I am going to be so tired tomorrow.  My flight leaves PDX at six in the morning to go to Vegas and I am an hour south of the airport, which is way up on the river.  So I have to get up, shower, pack, check out, drive an hour, fuel the car, return the rental, get through security and be at the gate by around four in the morning! Ugh.