October 16, 2018: My First Day in Oregon

Tuesday.  My first full day in Oregon, and my first time seeing it in the daylight.

I was so tired after last night, I slept in till about eight this morning, then had to shower, get dressed, eat and find my way to the office.  There was breakfast in the hotel, so I just grabbed some biscuits and gravy which was ready to go and ate in about five minutes.  Then I hopped in the car and drove to Mt. Angle, Oregon.

The drive was amazing.  Now I am seeing Oregon in the blinding morning sun and it is so beautiful.  The leaves were changing, but it was a bright, crisp, warm day.  The central valley in Oregon reminds me of a beautiful blending of the midwest, Rockies, New England and Ireland all rolled into one.  The flat valley, with the New England colours, the giant mountains (the Cascades) in the distance, it was all just very incredible.

From the office parking lot I was able to see Mt. Hood, the tallest peak in Oregon and one of the most prominent mountains in the United States.  It was very far away, maybe eighty miles, but amazing to see.  It is one of the largest volcanoes in North America.

I got to the office in Mt. Angel and we worked all day till just after five.  For lunch we went to a local family restaurant where I got a fish and chips.

The day went well and after work it was straight back to the hotel for me.  I had thought about driving out to the Pacific coast, but I was tired and the sun was getting low and the drive was not a short one.  So to the hotel for me.

I thought about going out for dinner.  I even asked about it at the front desk.  But it all seemed like so much effort and I was just not up to it at all.  So I ordered in from Dominos and just ate in my hotel room by myself.  I was pretty tired so this seemed like the right decision.  There was a Friends marathon on the television and it was episodes that I had never seen (yes, as strange as it is, there is a lot of that show that I have never managed to see.)  So I watched at least four episodes, ate my pizza, and pretty much was right off to bed once that was done.

This is a bit of a whirlwind trip.  No time to really enjoy anything.  Just here to work and get back as soon as I can.  I would guess that I was in bed and asleep by around ten.  I also don’t want my internal clock to adjust too much because I have to shift my sleeping schedule a lot tomorrow night for my flight on Thursday.