October 2, 2018: Dancing at Abbey Underground

Tuesday. Today started with heavy planning for our Austin trip for Spiceworld 2018. Dominica has been hesitant to go but Paul and I have been working hard to talk her into coming along. Since we have an AirBnB instead of a hotel, it is easy for her and the girls to come with us. The girls would appreciate that as well, getting time to hang out with everyone and they have not had a real trip to someplace new in a long time.

Tonight Paul made salmon for dinner. Dominica made sweet and sour cauliflower, which we have not had before. It was very good, all of it. The cauliflower is a vegan alternative to traditional Chinese take out dishes like sweet and sour chicken and it really tasted like it. A very good option, it would do a lot to relieve the desire that I often feel to get Chinese take out for specifically that menu item.

This evening I went up to Denton with Rachel and we went dancing at the Abbey Underground.