October 3, 2018: Getting William from the Airport

Wednesday. Started the day doing a conference call with Rodrigo. We sat on the conference call for half an hour without anyone showing up. So nice of people to take the time to cancel so that we don’t waste lots of time just sitting around waiting for them.

Other than the wasted morning call, it was rather a normal day. I worked until a quarter till four. Then one of NTG’s old interns, William, landed at Love Field and I drove out to pick him up and take him to his hotel in Plano. We have never actually met in person before. We did not have very much time to hang out, only the time to do the drive and drop him off at the hotel.

We would have had a little more time had I not thought that he was landing at DFW instead of Love and gone to the correct airport initially.

For dinner we went out to Fuzzy Taco at five thirty.

Nick came over around seven thirty for a while to hang out.

This evening Dominica and I watched Growing Pains together.