October 4, 2018: Fifteenth Anniversary

Thursday. Today is Dominica and my fifteenth wedding anniversary!

This morning I had to work on my resume for something. It turns out that it has been so long since I had to do anything with a resume that I no longer have a copy of it or anything. I had to make a completely new one from scratch. One thing that is sad is just how much of my professional history has been lost. Hundreds of certifications, scores of jobs, not recorded.

After working on my resume for a while I went out to mow the lawn.

I finished up my new resume at seven this evening. The first major rewrite that I have done in twenty years! I have been using my resume that I wrote before SGL all of this time. The resume was so much a part of my life, so weird to have a new one.

For our wedding anniversary dinner, Dominica and I went out to Pappadeaux on Frankfort for an awesome seafood dinner. I went for the fried seafood dinner, it was just calling to me. As always the food there was amazing.