November 1, 2018: Cold Swimming Day

Thursday.  The cousins are off of school today, so it is an all fun day.  We decided that we are going to stay in Houston through most of the weekend, so this morning Paul and Dominica went shopping and picked me up a wireless keyboard and mouse and a 24″ LED 1080p monitor that is pretty small and decently portable so that I can have a real setup in the dining room and be much more productive.  This’ll be my regular, travel setup.  I have a great laptop, it is just so small that it is hard to work from it full time on its own.

It’s cold today, but the kids wanted to swim.  So swim they did, for hours.  It was so cold, no way that any of the adults were going to consider going in.

We did some job postings for the hiring that we want to do in Mexico and Panama.  We are very excited to see if it works.  We’ve been struggling to hire for quite some time and now we have more of a need for people so this is a new adventure for us.