November 2, 2018: Lots of Job Applicants

Woke up at five this morning.  Figured that I would just get up and start getting to work.  I was the first one up, even more Paul or Francesca who are traditionally the first ones awake.

I got a lot done, today.  It was super productive.  I’ve been working really hard on getting my email down to zero stuff in my inbox, which is a lot of work.  But the progress has been great and it makes me feel so much better.  Rodrigo and I have been working on eliminating the backlog of tickets, too, and that has been going really well.  So there is a real sense of accomplishing things.

The kitchen setup with my Dell laptop, and the new 24″ Element screen, and the Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse has really been working well.  The only real problem is the bright sunlight that hits in the late morning and the overall noise in the house, which isn’t too bad today.

Dominica made breakfast sandwiches again today, but today with English muffins.  She and Paul are really loving the breakfast sandwich maker that Francesca has and are determined to buy one once we are back home.  I’m not so fond of it.  I like breakfast sandwiches, likely more than either of them, but feel that it doesn’t do all that good of a job making them.  At least today with English muffins they were pretty good, but the last two days with a biscuit yesterday and a bagel the day before, it did a terrible job and it was just bread in the middle with an outside ring of egg.  Not good at all, not even actually a sandwich!

The kids hing out at the dining room table for a while with me so that they could do their homework while I was working on my laptop.

This afternoon, Madeline came home on the down low and sneaked into the house and hid upstairs for a while.  I was the only one that saw her sneak into the house (Emily was coordinating everything.)  She surprised pretty much everyone.  No one was expecting her.

We have loads of job applications flooding in now.  We are very excited.  We have a lot to sort though, we need to start interviews soon.