November 14, 2018: More Siding Work

Three below freezing this morning. So cold!

Wednesday, our last day in Texas for a while.  This morning was an all hands house cleaning day as Isabella and Juan are coming over later to play with the girls.  In reality, this is the very first time every “having friends over” to the house in Texas, or anywhere in America.  They used to do this a lot when we lived in Romania, but it is something that just never happens here.  So this is a really big deal.  They’ve had friends here, but it has always been associated with their parents coming to visit or whatever, or their cousins.  And even both of those things are really rare.

So until about one, we just cleaned and cleaned.  The house is looking pretty decent, though.  Liesl did a great job of cleaning all morning.  Luciana found it a lot more stressful and wasn’t exactly helpful all day, but she did have her moments.

The girls’ room is the big winner of the day’s cleaning.  I can’t remember so much of the floor being visible.  I’m not sure we had it this clean even when we were painting it!  They have room to play and everything.

Isabella, Juancho, and their mother Stephanie came over from four until six this afternoon.  So the girls had a fun afternoon playing with their friends.  Last chance to really see them for quite a while.

Ken after we hunted him down till after 2am.  The siding is “good enough” to get us through for a while now.

Rachel was supposed to come by this evening but was unable to make it.

The girls and I watched Fuller House this evening.  And we played chess together for a while.

The girls and I went on an ice cream run to Sonic tonight.  Yummy.