November 15, 2018: Play Date at the House

Thursday. This morning we are leaving Texas to drive to Wisconsin. I am excited as I am going to get to see several states and regions that I have never seen before. A number of states to cross off of my “never been to list.” After this trip, I will be down to only four states that I have never been to: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, and Utah!

We drove from Texas to Iowa today.  My first new state since I went to Oregon in the autumn.  Not the most exciting of new states as I have been near the border on three sides previously, so nothing in Iowa is really “new”.  But it is an entirely new state and I get to check it off of my list.  And that makes me happy.

It was a pretty easy drive.  Paul does all of the driving and I ride in the back with the girls because Dominica cannot handle being out of the front seat.  So I was doing DuoLingo much of the day and made some incredible progress.

Got a hotel in Iowa and are crashing for the night so that tomorrow we just have an easy drive to Minnesota and then on to Wisconsin.