November 16, 2018: From Iowa to Wisconsin

Friday. Today we started in Iowa and continued our drive north to Wisconsin.

We were into Minnesota quite quickly. This is my second new state of the trip and my first of the day.

We drove through Minneapolis. We stopped in the area and had lunch at a Yucatan place with Paul’s brother. Lunch was good and Valentina thought that it was really funny that we were eating at a Cancun restaurant in the snow. Liesl and I experimented with several hot sauces and she could handle some really hot ones, but she ended up with one that was too hot and she was nearly in tears from it.

We continued on to Wisconsin and got to Cumberland in the early evening, to Paul’s dad’s house. He had a lot of room for us and we spent the evening there hanging out with his dad. After his dad went to bed, the girls and I hung out at the house while Paul and Dominica did some errands around Cumberland.