November 24, 2018: Truck Loading Day

Saturday. Today begins our big day of loading up the truck. It is so cold, too. It was sixteen below when Paul picked up the truck this morning. We have a twenty four foot box truck to fill with stuff to take to Texas.

Jeremy was supposed to come down to help with the moving today as there is so much heavy stuff to move onto the truck from the barn storage unit. But he ended up not making it, so we were short someone to help me lift the big stuff onto the truck. Making this an extra hard day for me.

We were really thankful that Dustin came down from Rochester and helped with a lot of the truck loading. We would have been in terrible shape without his help today. He also loaded up his car with servers that we were “donating” and that helped to clear a lot of heavy stuff out of the barn. He brought his significant other and baby with him, so we got to meet them for the first time. They also gave Liesl a birthday present while there!

We worked on loaded the truck all day. The big furniture was done with Dustin there, but there is so much to do to load a truck of that size and we need every inch of it. Today went really well and we are anticipating being able to finish it all up tomorrow. It was a very long day of moving. The storage unit is really getting thin, though. We are in good shape.

Dinner was grilled cheese and tomato soup.

One project that I worked on today as well was finding and identifying working VoIP phones that we can use. I have been setting up and testing phone after phone today. We have been needing some phones for a while, now we have a surplus of them. Bins of them!

It is exciting to find so much stuff. The DVDs and the CDs and the Laserdiscs are all loaded up. The bit white couch, the super heavy black couch. Much of our wedding furniture. It is mind boggling how much stuff we have had stored up here for so long. How is it possible that we even own so much stuff?