November 25, 2018: Day Two of Truck Packing

Sunday. Another long day of packing up the truck. We did a lot yesterday, but there is still so much to be done. So we got up and got to it today.

I had to do some actual office work today, too. Which was kind of nice, a bit of a break from lifting so many heavy boxes.

Yesterday Dustin came to visit and help out, he just drove down from Rochester. Today Travis drove in from around Canton, Ohio to visit and help with some packing.

We went out to a late lunch with Travis to a mac and cheese restaurant up in LeRoy that my dad had told us about. The food ended up being completely amazing, I want to go there and try more different kinds of mac and cheese in the future. We had a really nice time having lunch there.

Travis was not able to stay long, he had a lot of driving to do to get back to Ohio.

We packed until about nine at night. Then early bed time. We are just all so tired from all of the packing.

Tonight I helped dad check out Fedora Linux with Cinnamon. He is thinking about making the plunge and moving over from Windows. But only a demo now. If he is going to try it out for real, it will likely not be until next month.