December 9, 2018: Sunday to Relax

Sunday.  It has been a very busy week and today is my day to catch up and, most importantly, relax.

This morning Francesca asked us to do some research on the video game Fortnite which, until today, I had heard of but had no idea anything about it.  But I had spoken to a friend who was getting it set up for their kids because they really enjoyed it just this morning, so it seems to be the topic for the day.

Did a bit of research on it and ended up getting it set up for the girls today so that they could test it out.  Seems like it might be fun for them to play online with their cousins.

Liesl has been playing Elder Scrolls Online this weekend as it is free for a few days to get people hooked.  I tried playing it a little, but my verdict was that it was a massively large install (which I did yesterday) and not all that engaging.  Not like Skyrim or Oblivion were.  It didn’t draw me in and the idea of playing online with other people makes me so much more wary of it.  That seems like a lot of work and no extra value.

Liesl tried playing it and put in quite a bit of time but her character was ruined by getting stuck a few different places and having to spend in game gold to get them unstuck.  Making players play for game glitches isn’t a fun way to game.  And it was bad enough that she had to kill her character and start over having no way to recover from a glitch.

But while I immediately wrote the game off after the trial as being decent, but not good enough to bother playing, Liesl say that she enjoyed it and might want to play it.  Which really surprised me.

The girls started playing Fortnite tonight, just a little.  I played one game of it myself and found it insanely boring.  But Liesl tried it out later on and decided that it seemed like a lot of fun.  So we will see.

This evening, once Dominica and I got the living room television back from the girls, we watched several episodes of Babylon 5.  Oddly, this is a show that came out when both of us were teenagers, but neither of us every watched.  Amazing, given that it is exactly the kind of show that you would think that we would have watched.  For me, it came out right as I had started college and I was just busy with other things and it was over and forgotten before I ever had a chance to check out television again.