December 15, 2018: Finishing Fuller House

Saturday.  I tried to get up and play some video games this morning but ended up working on installing Tropico 5 onto my Fedora 29 desktop in my office as I need a keyboard and mouse in order to play it.  But good news is that Steam and Tropico 5 installed, no issues, onto Fedora.  Good deal.

We got Paul set up with GOG today, too.  He installed one of the Rollercoaster Tycoon games on his Windows laptop in his office so that he has something else to play in addition to his daily addiction to Clash of Clans.

By the time that I got partway through the tutorial I ended up watching some of The Golden Girls until the girls got up, and then they spent some time playing video games together and with their cousins.  They are really loving all of these online games that they are able to play now.  Fortnite has really ignited their love of online games all together, finally giving them something other than Roblox for them to all play together.

Dominica and I started watching Fear the Walking Dead today.  She watched the first season years ago, but I have never seen it at all.  We watched three or four episodes today while the girls were playing in their rooms.  I have to say that at least the early episodes are painfully boring and I am not convinced that the series is worth watching.  This is seriously snore-able.

Once the girls were done with their gaming, we all watched Fuller House together as a family and completed the fourth season.  We successfully binge watched the entire fourth season in just two days.  We are dedicated Fuller House fans around here.

Liesl and I then watched some more Family Matters together, too.  She really loves that show and I am so glad that we found it again.  That was one of the best sitcoms of the tail end of the 1980s.  ABC’s Miller – Boyett line up through the mid to late 1980s and into the 1990s was the ultimate era for quality family sitcoms and I have missed watching so many of them and there really isn’t very much like that made any longer.

Once everyone went to bed, I stayed up late and watched the first two thirds of one of my all time favourite movies Shaun of the Dead which only recently has come to Netflix.  It has been a really long time since I have seen this movie, but it is so good.  I am so excited that it is on Netflix now.

I was too tired before I could finish the movie, though.  So I am saving the rest of it for tomorrow.