December 16, 2018: Binge Watching Fear the Walking Dead

Sunday.  Today is mostly packing, because we are leaving for Houston tomorrow morning, and some art work as the kids prepare for Christmas, and some general cleaning around the house.  Dominica has asked me to leave Dallas most of a week early so that I can drive her and the girls to Houston tomorrow.  A friend of ours had a major car accident about two weeks ago having hit a semi on the highway and it has Dominica rather shaken up and driving worries her more than normal, so I am going to do the driving.

There is a lot of suitcases getting ready to go tomorrow.  The girls spent the day playing video games.  They took over the living room for the entire day.  Lots of Roblox, Fortnite, etc.  They played with their cousins much of the day.  Paul spent most of the day camped out in his office, a major day of Clash of Clans.

Dominica decided that she wanted to watch Shaun of the Dead, too.  And then it turned out that Paul had never seen it at all.  So the three of us watched it again from the beginning this morning.  Such a good movie.  I know that Hot Fuzz, the sequel movie from the Cornetto Trilogy is also on Netflix.   I have not noticed World’s End in the line up so not sure if that is there now or not.

Dominica and I binge watched Fear the Walking Dead for most of the day.  We finished the first season and got solidly into the second season today.  By later in the day it was starting to get pretty interesting and we are actually interested in it now.  Dominica had watched the first season years ago without me, so we had rewatched it together so that I would be caught up.  So early on today we got into the second season which Dominica has never seen, either, so we are both watching it for the first time together.

Both girls took showers later in the day.  They both wanted me to read to them today, but we are busy getting the house ready (and watching our show.)

It was a pretty relaxing day.  We watched in our bedroom on the loveseat all day since the girls had taken over the living room.