December 18, 2018: Down in Friendswood

Our first full day in Friendswood (Houston) for the holiday season.  The Grices all still have school and work so it is mostly just us here. I woke up on the floor this morning at eight thirty.  It has been a while since I have slept on the floor all night, but thank goodness I am still able to do it and my back did not hurt or anything.  I was certainly feeling the floor by the time that I got up, but once I was up I felt fine.  Not bruised, or twisted, or sore.  Liesl did fine sleeping on the floor as well and was awake around nine.  Dominica had gotten up long before me, her back really hurting from having stayed in the bed.  Luciana is the only one that stayed asleep for any length of time.

We hung out with Dominica’s parents this morning.  I took my Dell laptop and set up at the kitchen table for the morning.  Today was mostly web work, working on fixing customer web sites, migrating sites, and so forth.  More testing with MeshCentral today, too.

Lots of work today, especially being out of the office most of the day yesterday.  So I was super busy all day.

By the afternoon, I was set up in the dining room with my twenty four inch monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse.  That makes working a lot more comfortable and I am out of most everyone’s way.

Madeline and Emily both had to work today.  But there is only one car.  Do Madeline took our minivan today to work.  

When Madeline got home from work, she took Liesl and Luciana back with her to Justice to go shopping since Justice has a big sale on, plus they get Madeline’s work discount off on top of that.  So pretty serious discounts.  Both girls took their own money and went shopping for their own stuff and had loads of fun and both came back with lots of new stuff that they are very excited about.  Very fun outing.

This evening we had veggie BLTs for dinner.  And then celebrated Bennie’s forty seventh birthday.  He had a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Today in history: In 2012, Liesl watched The Goonies for the first time.  She was only four years old.  Dominica’s very Liesl quote from the evening was “I hope my potty never does that!” in reference to Troy on the toilet geyser.  Sadly, Liesl does not remember the movie at all at this point and Luciana has never seen it.  But we do not have it anywhere that they could watch it.  So they have no chance to see it currently.

The kids played like maniacs for the small amount of time that they all got with each other.  The Grice kids needed to be in bed around nine because they still have school tomorrow.  They are all so happy to be together.

Dominica and I did some work on the GroveSocial website which is getting pretty close to being ready to do a “go live”.  Then I did a little more web work, some blogging on SGL, and Dominica worked on feeding the kids their late night meal.

Emily got home a little after ten and Luciana wanted a snack.  So we hung out for about an hour.  Then I went to the car and brought in the air mattress so that Dominica could try sleeping on that tonight.  Garrett’s bed, even without me in it, she cannot handle.  And because she needs to sleep on her side she cannot sleep on the floor like I can.  So Liesl and Luciana are planning to sleep on the floor with me tonight, and Dominica will be next to us on the air mattress and the only real bed in the room will be empty because there isn’t a single person that wants to sleep on it over being just on the floor.

I stayed up a bit longer taking care of some more web work that really needs my attention and getting a little more blogging out of the way.  It has been such a hard year, I want to avoid getting too far behind.  Now that we are in Houston, it is easier for me to keep up, so I intend to do so.

Heading to bed myself around one in the morning.  Dominica went to bed more like eleven thirty.