December 19, 2018: Long Work Day

It is already Wednesday.  This week is flying by.  Mostly because I lost Monday to driving, so I didn’t even notice the week getting started.

Sleeping on the floor last night was way better.  I’ve adjusted already and it felt pretty good.  I was able to do my normal tossing and turning without feeling soar, and did not feel like I had to get right up this morning because the floor was so hard.  Amazing how quickly we adapt to things like that.  It actually felt pretty nice.  It’s not as comfy as the memory foam at home, but it keeps me cooler than the foam does so it is a trade off.

Monday was so busy at work, today is nice and quiet. But there is plenty for me to do. I ended up staying at the dining room table (where my office is) the entire day. From eight in the morning until after one in the morning!

The Grices still have school and work today, so it is quiet all day around the house. I got a lot of work done, working hard on getting all caught up so that we are ready for the holiday season.

This afternoon, the family all went to IHOP to get Grinch pancakes. I stayed home as it was only five o’clock which is well in my work day and we had a lot of important work going on with the west coast and I did not feel that I should step away, which was good because more stuff happened while I they were gone. So I just made myself some MorningStar chicken nuggets for dinner.

Paul left Dallas to drive down to Houston around two. He has a truck load of stuff that we forgot that we would need while here. And he is pulling his trailer with his CanAm side by side all terrain vehicle to use while we are down here.

Not much to report today, I worked the entire day so my view was always from the dining room table. Late in the evening I made myself some veggie BLTs.

Paul has Garrett’s room now, with the terrible bed. Dominica, Liesl, Luciana, and I are all sleeping out in the craft area of the open upstairs. Dominica is using the air mattress again, and the girls and I are on the floor as we all find the floor to be more comfortable. Liza, the golden retriever, came up and snuggled with Luciana during the night.