December 22, 2018: Cookies

The holidays have begun, the kids are home from school for a few weeks. Dominica got up around seven so that she could help with making cookies and pignolata. I would have gotten up sooner, but Luciana immediately came over and said she was freezing and hadn’t had a blanket last night and climbed into bed to get warm.

All morning was more cookie baking. Paul and I kept joking that we need to wall mount a video camera and record the kitchen and make an Italian baking reality show, it would be a huge hit on YouTube.

Holly managed to escape again this morning. What a pain that dog is. Much easier to catch her today with everyone home.

Joe came over with the kids this afternoon, around three. After working hours, even though it is a holiday Saturday, Paul, Bennie, Joe, and I went out to the garage and shot pool for a while till it was time for dinner. It was so hot in the house, between the baking and no windows being opened and it being close to seventy outside anyway, that we could not stand being in the house.

I was tired very early, as was Dominica. So we got to bed shortly after the Grices making it a short day. We could hear people out in the garage shooting pool long after we had gone to bed.