December 21, 2018: Moving to MeshCentral

Friday. Another very busy day with work. Today is the last day for the Grices. So we had a quiet day for the most part. But school was a half day, so we expected everyone to come back around two or two thirty.

I spent the morning working. We are doing a lot of work to test and move to MeshCentral which is one of our best new finds in software. We are estimating that it is going to save us around $1,600 a year in licensing costs, while making us more agile and performant as a company. I am so excited about finding it.

This afternoon Paul and I had a major phone meeting for a while. Very significant. Fingers crossed that it turns into something.

I worked most of the afternoon. Keeping myself busy. Dominica is always swamped with work around the house. Cooking, baking, wrapping, etc.

For dinner this evening, Paul and I went to Taco Bell and got nearly sixty dollars of Taco Bell for the family. That is a lot of food from Taco Bell!

I spent an hour and a half on the phone this evening talking to a sales candidate that I met at a part two weeks ago. That has some promise.

I worked till around midnight. The kids all slept on the couch tonight. So I got a break from the floor and tried sleeping on the air mattress with Dominica.