December 27, 2018: Getting People Out of the House

Today is busy as we are back in the Dallas house. Just Paul and I are here (plus Rachel and Jaiden). Dominica and the kids are away for at least another week.

We both got up and were working early this morning. We have a major quote to get out of the door before mid-afternoon and don’t want to miss getting it completed. That took many hours of the day.

Rachel was here till maybe three thirty. She tried to get Jaiden to leave before she did, but was unable to do so. He emerged after she left and needed several hours to get his camper in order, as it had leaked into it last night in the storm, before he was able to head out. So he did laundry and stuff before leaving.

He was trying to get a campground to take his trailer, but it is so old and in such bad shape that no one will take him. He spend a few hours looking for a place before giving up and booking a hotel instead.

Jaiden had dinner at the house and we were discussing Nicaragua and Romania. So I showed him some YouTube travel videos about Granada, Matagalpa, and Baita.

It was probably close to nine when Jaiden took off to head to a hotel. Paul was down to packing and loading up his truck to get ready for the morning.

It was a busy evening, so after eating it was pretty much time to wrap up work and get to bed. I was in bed by ten thirty. It’s chilly outside tonight. Might even hit freezing. So I am nice and cold in bed tonight. It is so nice to have my own bed back, and be able to control the temperature.