January 1, 2019: Ciana Smashes Her Thumb

It is a new year, and about time. Last year was tough, I have high hopes for this year.

Of note, this year NTG turns twenty years old! We have been around for a long time now.

Of other big news, as of today we finally have health insurance again. When the “problems” really hit three years ago we had to give up on having health insurance, there was no way to get it or pay for it. Finally after all these years, we have it again as of today and it is such a relief.

Ciana Snapchatted me a happy new year’s this morning. She is at the age that she is all excited about it being a new year.

I did not feel like working much this morning. I put in just a little time doing tickets, making sure customers were okay, that no one was looking for anything, but New Year’s Day is a pretty major day off and really nothing of consequence happened all day. So by late morning, I felt pretty free to relax.

I decided to make it a Star Trek: Enterprise day. I started the day on the final episode of season two, and then on to binge season three.

This afternoon, I got a call from Dominica because Luciana had been hurt. Ciana wanted to talk to me. The kids had been playing at the Grices’ and Ciana’s thumb got closed in a door. It was quite bad. She was very sad, but handling it quite well. We are pretty concerned that it is broken. She is able to move it, though. It seems like it is just a really bad bruise, just crushed. Thank goodness it was only the tip. Even if it was broken, we are not sure what we would be able to do anyway.

We kept a watch on her thumb all day. Dominica sent pictures about four hours later of Ciana’s thumb and it is definitely quite bad. Very red and swollen, even after icing it and giving it a lot of time to recover. It makes me pretty worried. But a lot less worried since we have health insurance now, even though it is catastrophic coverage only, so wouldn’t really do anything for a case like this.

I baked a loaf of bread that Paul and I had for dinner. Earlier in the day I had a bowl of veggies for lunch.

Around six thirty I had had all of the relaxing time that I could handle in a day and set up the Chromebook on the bar and got to work on catching up some on SGL posts. I have now made a serious dent in April.

Dominica was hoping that she and the girls would be able to come back home tomorrow, but I checked the forecast and there is a lot of rain expected from tonight going into Thursday morning. I think she is planning on driving up Thursday now, tomorrow would just be too risky.

Paul has been burning the huge piles of cardboard that we have, mostly from the boxes that accumulated during our move. The house and the patio are just full of them, and more are being generated all of the time. We are buried in them. Now that we are emptying boxes quickly, there are more and more every day.

I did a little research into LED panel studio lighting for the SAMIT studio tonight. Looks like I found some ideas that might work.

I made some mac and cheese as a late night snack.

I had an upset stomach much of the evening. No idea what I ate that didn’t agree with me.

I managed to complete all of April today on SGL! I even got a good piece into May. It took many hours, it was a huge amount of work. I made it through over half of the third season of Star Trek: Enterprise while working on it. Well over half.

The third season of ST:E is really a dedicated story arc which makes it more like a mini-series within the overall show. In some ways, this is copied from other Star Trek series, but it feels a bit unique, too.