January 2, 2019: Twisted Root

Wednesday. We are back to regular work today, although I expect it to be slow. I slept in a little, till eight thirty. Dominica and the girls wanted to come home today, but the rains started last night and are expected to continue until tomorrow morning. And to make it even worse, it is pretty cold out there so the rain is listed as “wintery mix”, not good for driving, especially in Texas.

Back in the office today things are pretty slow. There is some build up from the holidays, but mostly it is just slow. Because the holidays fell in the middle of the week, it is a good year for people to take the entire week off, rather than just a day or two, so I have a feeling that many of our customers are running on skeleton crews this week.

Luciana’s thumb seems to be improving. She was able to sleep last night and use her hand, but not her thumb, today. It still hurts.

The afternoon got slow. Spent a bit of time on the phone with Allen, this is the first that we have talked in a week since he had his surgery.

For dinner, Paul and I went down to Old Town Carrollton to Twisted Root Burger to check it out. It was pretty good. He really loved his American Burger, said that it was the best burger that he had had in quite a while. I have the vegan Vegabond and it was quite good. Plenty big, I was stuffed after just that.

After getting back from dinner, I worked on some SGL updates, making good progress through May, and watching more of Star Trek: Enterprise. I am nearly done with the third season now.

I put in a few hours of web site work this evening as well, just a little before midnight. After almost two weeks of it being down, we were finally able to get MangoCon’s website back online. That was pretty important.

Once the site was fixed, I went back to watching Star┬áTrek: Enterprise which I was able to complete the third season before turning in for the night. It kept me up an hour or two longer than I wanted to be. But I was able to wrap up the show and the very intense story arc of the “expanse.”

I think Jared is correct, season three gets pretty cheesy and over the top. I felt that Enterprise was doing really well in the first seasons. But the huge expanse arc seems like it is just “too much”. The writing gets pretty weak as it continues. Especially the writing for Archer.

Since I was up I stood at the bar most of the time and kept working on SGL updates. My Chromebook is getting quite a lot of exercise these days.

It is looking unlikely that Dominica is going to make an attempt at coming home tomorrow. Carrollton is predicted to get one to three inches of fluffy white stuff tomorrow and driving in snow in Texas is really bad. So we will probably not see the family until the weekend.